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Trying To Buy Good Work Cheap*

Berards have been installing and selling floors for over 50 Years.

Berards prices are fair and equitable. We're not expensive...We Are Quality!  If someone is cheap, it's due to the caliber of the installers. Remember, not all installers are created equal and they are normally paid what they are worth! Good common sense tells you nobody can install your one room or your entire house for $39.00.
It's a form of bait and switch.


Keep in mind that the new wall to wall carpet you're going to purchase will have
no value until it's properly installed. **

Your decision to view BERARDS website was a good first step. Check our common sense information and we believe you will realize you've made a prudent decision.

Why not join the thousands of BERARDS satisfied customers - they can't all be wrong!
The only other question is: what day would you like to have your carpeting installed?

* Comparison shopping for carpet is nearly impossible due to the intangible "workmanship."

** See Carpet Installation information.



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